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Frequently Asked Questions

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Signing Up
  • How do i Sign-Up?
  • What is the Coinvest Money Profile?
  • What do i need to open a Coinvest Money Account?
Logging In and Out
  • How do I login and log out?
  • How do I logout?
  • Does my account log me out automatically after a period of no activity?
Profile, Password & PIN Management
  • How do i deactivate my account
  • How do i set/change my PIN
  • How do I update my Mobile Number?
  • What are the different types of Coinvest Money Accounts?
  • What is my Account Number?
  • What is my Unique Reference ID?
Card Management and Ordering
  • When i swipe my Coinvest Money Card at a retailer i get an “Insufficient Funds” message. I have funds in my Digital Account. What do i do?
  • How do i get a Coinvest money card?
  • How do i activate my card?
Payments, Transactions & Fund Reversals
  • Whats methods can i use to make payments or transact? You can:
  • How do i get paid?
  • How do i deposit money into my account?
Payroll, Salaries and Stipends
  • As a business can i setup a Payroll and pay my employees using a Coinvest Money Business or Organisational Account?
  • Can I switch my salary to a Coinvest Money Account?
  • Can Coinvest assist with setting up my Taxes and other business adminisration & transaction needs?
Statements and bank letters
  • How do i view my account history?
  • How do i get a bank letter?
  • How do i keep track of my purchases i make with my debit card?
Online ShoppIng
  • Can i purchase goods online?
  • How much can i spend online?
Mobile, tablet and desktop device information
  • What if i can’t get my mobile device to work with internet banking or payment?
  • What happens if i lose my mobile device?
  • What do i need to do if i get a new phone?
Our Contacts & Locations
  • What are the Coinvest Money Contacts?
  • Where are your offices?
  • Can i collect my card at your office?
Fees and transaction limits
  • What is the account opening fee for a Coinvest Money Account (to be fully onboarded)?
  • What are the transaction and monthly fees?
  • What are the monthly transaction limits?
  • The importance of setting security questions
  • How do I Activate or Deactivate my account?
  • How do i set my security questions?